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Our Software That's Easy To Use

Our software is completed nails industry package for bilingual program (English / Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, ...).

1) PCNails Professional Edition 4.1.x, and PCNails Management version 1.1.x.

2) PCRestaurant Professional Edition 4.1.x and PCRestaurant BackOffice version 4.1.x

3) PCNails Supply Professional Edition 4.1.x and PCNails Supply BackOffice version 1.1.x

4) iRemotePC Program Version 1.1.15

5) POS Integrated with CallerID device (PCNails, PCRestaurant, and PCNail Supply program).


Simple, Powerful, and Easy to Use Our Software

Our software apply for nails industry service that is powerful, yet simple-to-use or your money back. Our software tracks clients, employees, appointments, scheduling, gift card, credit cards, free one year advertising, and much more. 

Our Software Appointment Booking

Our software appointment book is the easiest and most robust system available. Basic salon scheduling can be accomplished with a few simple clicks. Just click on the time slot on the appointment book and our software does the rest.

Increase Your Store's Profits with Our Software

Our software will help your nails salon or spa become more organized, save time, and provide better customer service. These items will lead to increased profits for you. Better...Smarter...Faster.. Reliable with our salon software.