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Free Cloud POS

Only requires a web browser Automatic upgrades Regular data backups

Free Terminal

Merchant processing provide free use terminal to you

Complete solution

Full-featured POS solution Suitable for multi-location Works on anywhere, anytime, any device

Why Do I Need Cloud POSNails Software?

Sales Register, Schedule, Reporting

Wherever you go, the most important aspects of your nail salon business are always with you.‚Äč

eMarketing on the Go

Stay in constant communication with your customers by text message and email marketing.

Online Booking 24/7

Let us build your booking appointment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clients can book appointments from anywhere at any time.

Who we are

At PCNails, we’re all about helping your nail salon the best products and services you can count on . We keep your client loyalty, happy your service at every service, help you and more productive

Point Of Sale
Process Sales Quickly & Efficiently 99%
Mobile Apps
Manage from wherever you are 87%
Online Booking
Increase Business Sales 24/7 93%
Gift Cards
Selling & Tracking Gift Cards 100%
Advanced Marketing
Offer Promotions via SMS, Email etc 100%